An Inexpensive Spring/Summer Makeover by Debra Presley

Sunday Apr 10th, 2022


      Changing your decor does not have to be expensive; everyone can afford it; here are some ideas:

*Creative Thinking


*Furniture Replacement


*Pictures and Mirrors


Here are a few inexpensive tips:

*Keep it Simple and clutter-free

*Cover furniture if it is old or has a few snags or if the pattern is slightly busy, slipcovers work the best

*Change the hues in the room to transform the mood

*Pillows are an excellent way to bring current design trends into your home, do select different sizes patterns, shapes and textures

*Area rugs make a room cozy and add a touch of class

*Create ambience with candles of different sizes

*Bring outdoors in by adding a windowsill of flowers or herbs

*Wallpaper that compliments your existing decor

*Lighten up...the right mix of lights can bring a room to life

Don't forget to take before and after photos and do share your decorating ideas.




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