Moving Check list by Debra Presley

Sunday May 08th, 2022


      Moving can be stressful and hectic; this list can help you stay organized.

      One month before your moving date.....

*Clean your closets, basement and garage. Donate unused items or have a garage sale. If you cannot decide whether to sell it or move it, consider how much you could sell it versus what it will cost to move it.

*Get packing supplies; tape boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap and markers.

*If you are packing items that will go into storage, make itemized lists of each box and its contents.

*Start a log of moving expenses and keep all your move-related receipts. Some items may be tax deductible.

*Find a reputable mover. If you're hiring professional movers, get written estimates from at least two companies; include their written commitment of pick up and delivery dates. Ask for and check references and the limits of insurance they offer, and whether or not it covers replacement costs. Purchase additional insurance if you need it.

*Arrange to transfer your household insurance to your new home.


         Two weeks before your moving date...

*Arrange to disconnect and reconnect your utilities (gas, hydro, cable, internet, phone, security company) 

*Contact the post office to have your mail forwarded.

*Arrange to close or transfer your bank accounts and online banking to your new address. 

*Advise friends, family and professionals (doctor, dentist, schools, accountant, financial advisor, credit card companies, Canada customs and Revenue  & Revenue Canada, motor vehicle branch, employer of your new address. 


      One week before your moving date...

*Clean your home or arrange for a cleaning service.

*Leave out a few cups and plates and utensils to use, and clean the stove/oven and kitchen cupboards.

*Confirm delivery address, phone number and delivery dates with the movers.

*Clean out and defrost the freezer.

*If you're moving to another city, pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, or anything else left outside of your home.

*Clean out school or gym lockers.

*Return library books.


      A few days before your moving date...

*Complete packing of all household goods for the move. Make sure boxes are marked with the room they will go in and "Fragile" if necessary.

* Make sure your pets have a sitter or are in pet daycare.

*Place essential documents in a safe box that you will carry. Include home purchase/sale papers, last will and testaments, financial records, passports, birth & marriage or divorce certificates and move this box yourself.

*Prepare an "Open First" box with towels, bedding, basic kitchen and bathroom supplies, toys or games for your children, and tools ( hammer &

screwdriver) to set up the furniture.

*Label all keys for the new occupants.

*Place all manuals & warranties, etc. in one place for the new occupants.


      Moving Day...

* Have a walk-through with your realtor one hour before releasing funds to the seller to ensure all appliances are working and all chattels have been included in the purchase contract, and the house has been cleaned with no damage since the offer date.

*Keep the phone connected or have a cell phone if you need to contact your movers, etc.

*Supervise the move. Make sure your instructions are understood and that boxes are delivered to the suitable rooms.

*Check all the rooms and closets to ensure you have left nothing behind.

* Don't forget about your fur babies.

*Turn down the thermostat.

*Lock up and leave keys with the landlord, new owners or real estate agent.

*Arrive at the new home before the movers. Show the movers where to put boxes and furniture.

*Check to ensure you have received all given keys to every lock on your new home, the postal keys, where the mailbox is located, and which component is yours.

*Carefully review the mover's bill before signing and check for damaged items.

*At the new address, make sure the utilities are on and working correctly.

*Unpack your "Open First" box, set up the beds, and unpack the kitchen and bathroom boxes.

* Order in dinner and pour yourself a glass or two of wine to celebrate your new home!


      After your move...

*Unpack, then donate or flatten and recycle boxes.

*Don't forget to change your driver's license and car insurance with your new address.

*Plan your housewarming party.

  It is my desire to make your move a pleasant one for you and your family.

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